Launching e2p is the best thing that would happen to Publication industry. We all know the current restrictions where buyers can not go to the book stores and purchase their favorite books/magazines. 


But, they are online. 


We tried reading books in a digital format but we miss the "feeling" of reading a book when we read digitally. The smell of a new book, the form factor, pages all add up to an experience like no other. It can not be replaced by online/digital reading.


So, SPD Innovative decided to create this platform for publication houses, authors, magazine makers to showcase their offering on e2p.


How it works?


A book/magazine is displayed on e2p, buyer previews the details about it (not the actual book content even in limited form), places the order to get a printed copy, makes payment, publisher then ships the paperback version to buyer's address. So simple!


e2p - electronic to print! Get your copy!

e2p - get your copy!

SPD Innovative Initiative

Mumbai, MH, India


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